Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 3, 2015 -- Anchorage days series

Vividly yellow flowers at Fred Meyers -- stored-up sunshine for a gray day.

Morning moose -- the yearling. Mom was partly behind a telephone pole (I know, tough place for a full-grown moose to be hiding). 
                                             Gate at 15th and I Street.

 Morning mountains from the 12th floor of the Atwood Building (used to be the Hunt Building, put up in the mid-1970s Pipeline boom by the billionaire Hunt Brothers of Texas). This was as bright as the sky got for the day. 

                                                                 Winter yarrow.

Clouded-over mountains. Later in the afternoon we had a tiny bit of snow mixed with rain.

                                                 Ducks by the dozens at Cuddy Park.

                         Temperature in the high 30s, so puddles for them to play in. 

Nothing much for a duck to do. Stand in the street and wait for someone with food.

                                  Fly around for a bit  and land down on the pond. 

                                   Waddle onto the ice, up the bare hill to the street. 

Repeat.  Stand around . . .

 Not many other people at the park. This gentleman was flying his remote control plane.

The day stayed gray. The bright spots were flowers at Fred Meyers --shamrocks -- St. Patrick's Day is coming soon.

Purple hyacinths -- we need scratch-and-sniff blogs.

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