Monday, March 21, 2016

Waikiki, Spring Equinox, March 20, 2016

                                   Hibiscus, along a fence.

This morning we needed groceries, so got the car out of the parking garage for the first time, drove to Safeway, and then to a health food store, Down to Earth, near the University. That took us out of the tourist areas and into the places where locals live and work.

There are flowers everywhere, of course -- hibiscus thrive. Behind the Down to Earth store, clothes drying in the sun and breezes.

Much of the morning and afternoon was taken up with school work. We went out about 4:00 p.m., with the sun lower in the sky and the streets still thick with people. First we photographed pigeons -- this one, like many urban pigeons, is missing a few toes, but seems to do fine without. 

At the Duke's statue, a boy admiring the leaf crown and leis; 

the Duke himself draped with offerings.

 A banyan tree that had quite a few pigeons around it, both dead and alive, also a pair in a cranny either mating or fighting (sometimes hard to tell). 

A lizard that Jim spotted on one of the subsidiary trunks. 

A good-looking tourist couple. 

Jim checking out one of several pay phones along this stretch of beach.

Another statue, of fictional boy Makua and his friend the monk seal Kila, 

also with leis and flowers. 

Kids playing at the water's edge. 
A guy who has found a comfortable spot to spend the afternoon -- probably not wise to fall asleep there, however. 
Waves washing up over the sea wall. 

People lined up in the water waiting for the next big wave. 

A row of kids with cellphones and a dog. 

Passing the joint. 

Grilling dinner at the beach. 

Flamingo at a street corner.

Diamond Head Harley Davidson, for Bernadette Murphy and Carol Deptula.

We walked a few miles from near Kuhio Beach, to Fromaggio restaurant over by the university (good food, and very nice people). 

Along the way, evening reflections at the end of Ala Wai Canal (part of a system of canals built to drain the marshy land that is now Waikiki). 

Nearly full moon. 
Clouds over the mountains, with sunset colors. 

Evening skyline from the other side of the canal. 

We were cutting through the golf course, which was not precisely legit. To get out, without going half a mile in the direction opposite of where we wanted to be, we squeezed through by a gate.

Flowers (orchids?) by an apartment building.

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