Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A young chef's contest

                        Megan Wilber, Christina Christ, and Alexis Wells[Teri Carns photo.]

Alexis Wells and two chef friends were in the lobby of  King Career Center  on the campus of University of Alaska Anchorage today. Their goal? To raise money to help send Alexis, Alaska's winning student chef at the state level, to Kansas City for the national Skills USA competition. Their method -- selling cupcakes and brownies to people signing up for the Anchorage Heart Run on Saturday. Hard to beat the technique for getting our attention, and the brownies we tested were delicious.

                                  Brownies for the Heart Run registrants. [Teri Carns photo]

Alexis won the opportunity to represent Alaska by preparing a three-course meal during her  culinary arts courses at King Career Center. She will compete against other chef students from around the U.S. during the five-day conference (June 24 - 28). It's a big deal -- 60 stoves, according to the website, and thousands of volunteer hours. Competitors must make a four-course meal during the day-long event, using standardized recipes. They are judged on their skills -- using knives, safety, creative presentation, and cooking techniques -- as well as the taste and quality of the final dishes.

When she graduates from KCC, she plans to train as a pastry chef, with her sights set on Paris.  Best of luck to Alexis -- her brownies and cupcakes left us ready to taste more of her work. We're looking forward to having her as part of the Anchorage food community in the coming years.

Cupcakes made by Alexis Wells and her companion chefs in training. [Teri Carns photo]

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