Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Words for "Wheat"

Etymology of Wheat:  Its life and times in languages

                   Winter wheat field, Berrien County, Michigan, April 20, 2013 [Micki Glueckert photo.]

The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary ( it had a mere 2, 672 pages in its third edition as of 1973) defines the word as:

"Wheat (hwit) OE. hwaete = OS hweti (Du. weit), OHG. weizi (also weizzi, whence G. weizen), ON, hveiti, Goth. hwaiteis :- Gmc. *xwaitjaz, f. var. of *xwit- White.  1. The grain of cereal(see sense 2), furnishing a meal or flour which constitutes the chief breadstuff in temperate countries. 2. The cereal plant (closely related to barley and rye) which yields this grain, esp. common wheat, Triticum vulgare (sativum). OE. 3. Pl. Wheat-plants; crops of wheat; kinds of wheat 1795.

2. When wheate is greene, when hauthorne buds appeare Shaks. Attrib. and Comb., as w.-corn, a grain of wheat; -duck, the Amer. Widgeon, Mareca americanan, found in flocks in wheat fields; -grass, any of various sepcies of the genus Triticum, esp, couch-grass, T. repens; -land, land on which wheat is grown, or suitable for growing wheat on."

wheat means قمح in Arabic.

wheat means Blat in Catalan.

wheat means Blé in French.

wheat means ble in Haitian-creole.

wheat means गेहूँ in Hindi.

wheat means vete in Swedish.

wheat means Hvede in Danish.

wheat means 小麦 in Japanese.

wheat means 小麦 in Chinese.

wheat means σιτάρι in Greek.

wheat means пшеница in Russian.

wheat means Ngano in Swahili.

wheat means Grano in Italian.

wheat means חטה in Hebrew.

wheat means trigo in Spanish

wheat means tarwe in Dutch.

wheat means Weizen in German.

wheat means گندم in Urdu.

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