Thursday, June 4, 2015

Market day -- June 3, 2015

There are Angry Birds . . . and there are Hungry Birds . . . [at Cuddy Park]

To market, to market, to buy a fat brownie from Sweet Caribou. . . and some pasta, and some bread, among other things. Wednesday is the Center Market at the Sears Mall.

Jim and I stopped by Sweet Caribou to admire the macaroons,

but in the end, couldn't resist the brownie, which was as chocolate-dense as anyone could hope for. Any more and it would be fudge.

We moved on to La Grassa Pasta for basil-flavored strozzapreti pasta. The name means "priest-choker," perhaps referring to its somewhat rope-like appearance. One source says that the name came about because "it is so good that when it was invented and first served to priests, they devoured it so quickly that they choked." Wikipedia has other origins for the name, none of them particularly flattering -- at the time that the pasta was named, apparently, Italy was somewhat anti-priest.

LaGrassa Pasta's offerings today at the Center Market at Sears Mall. They'll be at the South Anchorage Market on Saturday.

The market had purple carrots, and

Alaska-grown barley flour, pancake mixes, and barley couscous.

Cuddy Park had plenty of geese and ducks, but no baby birds today.

Party World was setting up a tent and chairs and tables for an event at the park later on, and this handsomely-garbed gentleman was part of the show.

The glass building at 36th and A Street showed the state of the sky.

The wind-blown water and the sun got together to make a faint rainbow at the base of the library fountain.

A magpie posed in the sun.

Elsewhere in town, Fire Island offered potato tortanos,

the Chugach Mountains were showing off nicely,

and our Lilies-of-the-Valley were just beginning to bloom.

Quaxo didn't exactly pose, but he didn't run away.

Petals fallen from an apple tree.

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