Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Monday, June 15, 2015 -- Antioch, Santa Monica

Santa Monica beach and Pier. In the hazy background, you may be able to make out a couple of large ships anchored in the ocean.

One bit of Santa Monica information learned during a class on humor this morning was that dogs aren't allowed into the off-leash dog parks without a Santa Monica dog tag (a fair amount of dissing Santa Monica for this occurred). A little quality time with Google showed that is apparently true, but only for the Airport Park. If you are from anywhere other than Santa Monica and want your canine companion to hang out with the local dogs, you can get a non-resident permit tag at Airport Park. (SMMC 4.04.170, Resolutions 10244, 10245).

The prof for the humor course this morning was Erin Aubrey Kaplan, a columnist, author, and teacher who focuses on African-American political, economic and cultural issues. Her take-away line for the class was "I'm laughing but it isn't funny," to sum up all of the situations that we find ourselves caught in where laughter, tough as it is, may be the best way out.

After classes today, we headed over to Santa Monica, to get a taste of a different beach city from Venice. We didn't have much time, so opted for a short walk through town, along the Third Avenue Promenade, and along the (crumbling) bluff above the beach. There were gouges like this in the cliffs all of the way along the pedestrian/bike trail that parallels the shore.

A silver gladiator poses with a child along the Third Avenue Promenade.

The dinosaur fountains on the Third Avenue Promenade still spill out water.

A sign in front of one of the fountains says that the landscaping is being replaced to save water. This might be one of those situations where it would be good to laugh at the irony, even though at some level it's not particularly funny.

Afternoon naps.

Statice growing along the bluff walk in Santa Monica/

Crowds and gulls at the Santa Monica beach near the Pier. While researching the factoid about dog parks, I came across another ordinance worth noting: Adults without children are not allowed on playgrounds in the city of Santa Monica. There are half-a-dozen state-of-the-art playgrounds for grown-ups along the boardwalk between Venice and Santa Monica, so perhaps this is not too onerous a provision. Not to mention the four or more miles of beach walks between the communities.

Along the bluff walk stand -- or lounge -- trees of great character.

Photo op with small white dog.

Eucalyptus tree, Santa Monica, on the bluff above the beach.

Flowers catching the evening sun.

Nearly time for the sun to set in the haze over the Santa Monica mountains.

Greek dinner for the evening.

Glittery things for sale on the Promenade, to brighten the night.

Iris in Santa Monica.

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