Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 27, 2015

Searching for a theme for the day, and not finding anything incisive. Tulip in the midst of lupine leaves.

What to say about perfect weather? -- enough breeze to fly kites on the Park Strip,

and flags -- reflected in the windows of the Westward Hilton.

Pools of sun on brilliant green grass for the strutting magpies.

King salmon for the fisher people at Ship Creek.

A spot in the shade for the people who haven't caught theirs yet,

while they watch the people on the opposite bank (and the mountains in the background).

As a side note -- I tried to capture the muddiness of the fishing-at-Ship-Creek experience. Occasionally people get stuck in it. I plan to never go close enough to it for that to happen.

Trains today -- this freight along the Coastal Trail just east of Elderberry Park.

Another freight on the bridge over Ship Creek -- it had about a hundred box cars that appeared to be empty, headed south.

A pretty small flower (at one time I thought it was an orchid, but now doubt that) that springs up in the gravel roadside about this time -- in a month it will have gone to seed, dried up, and be overwhelmed by later-flowering plants.

Gulls and geese at the mouth of Ship Creek.

The Chugach Range with a cloudless sky.

Calla lilies, fresh-planted at the Westward Hilton.

Evening sun on the neighbor's mossy roof, and shrub.

Small pansies at Skinny Raven sporting goods.

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