Friday, May 8, 2015

Just before Friday --- May 7, 2015

Hanging basket with Alaskan colors, blue and gold.

Jim Carns as Ahab, with Ebony Whale.

Flowers on a shrub along the Coastal Trail.

One of the fighter jets at Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson.(JBER), circling the airfield -- half a dozen of them were making loops this evening.

Our 1950 45 RPM phonograph had a record with songs from the various armed forces. The JBER jets bring back the Air Force song, "Off we go into the wild blue yonder/ Flying high into the sky  . . ." [I misremember it; the words are actually "into the sun," which rhymed better with "gun" a couple of lines later.]

Yard art on F Street, near its north end.

The last of the rose hips clinging to this bush, with the new leaves pushing out.

On Saturday, May 9, the downtown market and some of the other markets open.

Bootlegger Cove chickens.

Dredge? on the Inlet.

Canada geese on the mudflats near Elderberry Park.

Mid-evening sun on Cook Inlet.

Looking west from our porch just after 9:00 p.m.

Looking east from our deck just after 9:00, with the evening sun on the trees making them look almost like autumn. Just a sliver of the mountains can still be seen, in the middle of the photo. In a few days, that will be gone until real autumn when the leaves fall again.

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