Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Starting Monday with a moose -- May 4, 2015

Third Avenue, between F and G Streets, in front of the Archives Building (the old Third Avenue Jail), 7:44 a.m. This is right downtown. It's another one of those young ones whose mom has booted them out because she has another one about to be born. Or maybe just because it's time for the kid to fend for itself.

A week ago the tulips in front of the State Farm office on 6th Avenue were buds. Today, leaning toward the sun.

Catkins and leaves on the alders -- they smell like lilies, clear and spicy-- the essence of spring in Anchorage.

A patch of snow left in a shaded hollow along Ship Creek.

Someone's substitute for a deck -- a gravel beach on the far bank of Ship Creek, with a fire place and a couple of chairs.

Tide's low in the creek -- -1.6 feet or so.

The passenger train's in at the station, looking as if it's ready to go to Seward.

Standing under the A-C Street  Couplet bridges that go over Ship Creek between downtown and Government Hill.

Deep red Catkins -- not sure what kind of tree.

The birches at the museum are halfway to fully green.

Discovered another Little Free Library, on 11th or 12th Street, near A Street.

Baseball at Mulcahy Field.

A view of my favorite church, without wires and poles. The shoe shop sign is unavoidable.

There are still some ravens in town, although most of them head out to the wilds for the summer. We saw a robin too, but it wouldn't sit for its portrait.

Cats in a doorway.

A profusion of pine cones.

 A last look at the tulips.

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