Friday, May 29, 2015

May 28, 2015 -- Anchorage spring

A tulip against a backdrop of last year's leaves.

Seen from my office, the tour buses in front of the Captain Cook collecting people and luggage to take them to the next stage of their journey. A few years ago, the companies switched out all of their colorful buses for herds of these white featureless beasts. I would worry about getting on one and suddenly finding that I was on my way to Patagonia rather than Palmer -- there's no way to tell from the outside.

A pickup in the Providence Hospital parking lot this afternoon (we were there to see a friend) with painted cutouts of military men.

Robin with a big insect for dinner -- I can't tell what it is. The wings look like a dragonfly's, but the body is much too heavy. Nonetheless, it looks that robin will be well fed.

People eating on the patio at the Millenium Hotel. Perfect weather for it -- a little cool, not many bugs if you're away from the trees and water.

Float plane doing "touch and goes" at Lake Spenard.

More bugs today -- this cloud of them is whirling above a patch of water, thick enough to be caught by the camera.

The nicest no-parking sign on Lake Spenard.

Red maple, green pine.

A month ago, all of these trees were bare, and you could see the mountains. Not complaining, just marveling at how quickly things change.

Flamingo in the raspberries, at a friend's home.

Clivia blooming at Providence Hospital.

Tulip at Providence Hospital.

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