Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday, May 19, 2015 -- Seattle

Teachers' strike, sunshine, meals with old friends, and the last of the rhododendrons filled our Seattle day.

An estimated 6,000 teachers and supporters marched today from the Seattle Center to Westlake, rallying for smaller class sizes and cost-of-living increases. Teachers in a dozen other districts will strike later this week.

Dogs and kids joined in.

Cops on bicycles brought up the rear of the parade.

The rally at Westlake Plaza.

From there, my sister Peg, Jim and I walked to South Lake Union where Anthea was selling pies to the people who work at Amazon and the neighboring companies.

Peg reflected in the 314Pie window.

Lots of construction in the South Lake Union area, as well as downtown.

Cranes mark  a growing city.

Maximus-minimus, an exceptional food truck in downtown Seattle.

At the Pike Street Market,  Peg by the bronze pig -- a fitting place for an Iowan.

The Indie chocolate store downstairs in the Market roasts chocolate, and sells chocolate bars, chocolate hand lotion, soap, etc. and fresh-roasted chocolate beans in the husk. A chocolate roaster, basically nearly identical to a coffee roaster. We already have the coffee roaster, and doubt that we will be investing in a chocolate roaster any time soon. But we definitely bought a half-pound of their roasted chocolate beans to nibble on whole.

The Market also had fresh Alaskan octopus, and Columbia River salmon.

Tulips at the Market.

For those needing a second job -- this is the price of morel mushrooms in Seattle.

 At REI, a small waterfall.

At the Arboretum, beautiful late rhododendrons,pink and  . . .  .

and white, along with azaleas, peach, red, and golden.

Crow in the dappled grass.

A squirrel that made it across the road heading for the shelter of a redwood (or other cedar).

also on the lawn . . .

A car worthy of Alaska, parked in our neighborhood.

Dozens of sailboats on Lake Union this evening.

More rhododendrons.

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