Monday, May 25, 2015

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sitting at the edge of civilization, looking north to the Alaska Range -- granted all we saw today was clouds, not mountains. This is at the end of the park at the mouth of Ship Creek.

Also at the mouth of Ship Creek, people fishing for king salmon on the incoming tide;

.a woman with a dog watching them, and farther on, the North Star getting loaded with containers for its trip back to Seattle;

a flock of geese overhead;

a gray sky to the east over the city;

a tough little plant pushing up through the black-top path; and

the sight-seeing train from Fairbanks at the railroad station (tomorrow, the first cruise ship).

Elsewhere in town during the day:

Nets at Costco for bringing those king salmon that you catch at Ship Creek into shore, yours for $114.99;

a Steller's Jay in our neighborhood;

its magpie cousin at Lake Spenard where we were walking with Marla Greenstein;

an old car at Lake Spenard -- their owners bring these out from the garages where they spend most of their days, to show off on not-rainy days in the summer;

a family getting ready for a plane trip -- mom, dad, two kids, a black Lab;

a float plane taxiing from its slip to open water; and

an ice cream truck at Point Woronzof in the early evening -- even on a gray day it's a popular place to watch the planes low overhead landing and taking off, or walking on the sand beach;

Alaska hanging basket -- blue and gold flowers.

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