Saturday, May 30, 2015

May 20, 2015 -- Anchorage -- Coastal Trail, Ship Creek, and Government Hill

Anchorage skyline from Brown's Park on government Hill.

Flowers along the curb at a Government Hill house.

Near the Port of Anchorage, goods are piling up in lots that have been empty all winter. Monster tires, construction equipment, pipes, containers -- all are waiting to be shipped up north to the cities along the coast.

Along the Coastal Trail, all manner of transportation . . .

wheeled skis . . .

Segways and bicycles . . .

inline skates  . . .

A woman was out on the mudflats with a kite.

Other people were on the sandy beach by Fish Creek.

We saw mallards, and a few scaups (not sure if this is Greater Scaup or Lesser).

Buds are about to burst on the crabapples.

An odd ship, with Mt. Susitna in the background.

Green grasses gradually overtaking last year's golden brown.

On Government Hill . .. .

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