Thursday, April 2, 2015

April 1, 2015 -- Anchorage

Sun today -- good for finding patterns in shadows and shade.

Gray gate, gray fence.

Patches of snow in the woods along Chester Creek Trail.

Bridge railing over Chester Creek as it enters Westchester Lagoon.

A rivulet (from a spring?) runs down the hill to Chester Creek and the lagoon, with spring green grass in the water and brown elsewhere.

More clouds as the afternoon moved along.

 On the east side of Minnesota Drive, Westchester Lagoon opens sooner than on the west side. Golden-eye ducks (white and black) swimming with the mallards.

The mallards come on-shore to beg and eat, but I've never seen the golden-eyes or any of the other ducks do that.

Also at the lagoon, a man with three dogs.

At our house, the squirrel. We can fill the bird feeders one last time -- as soon as the bears come out, they are forbidden.

A fungus, nestled into a tree in South Addition.

Leaf buds on a tree near City Market.

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