Sunday, April 19, 2015

More Little Free Libraries, Anchorage Kids' Day, and Saturday in April

Turns out that after we left books at four more Little Free Libraries today we have at least another fifteen to track down. I found a new list on Google for them. It's likely that there are even more, home-built and not registered with the Little Free Library organization. But here's what we found today:

This one, with its backdrop of spruce trees and the Chugach range is at the Hope Lutheran Church on Northern Lights, just west of the post office across the street from Carrs Aurora Village.

One Little Free Library was listed on F street; we found the address, but not the library. There was this toadstool carved from an old stump however.

Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop has one near the corner of 14th and G streets.

This one at 1436 O Street near Westchester Lagoon has a bench (with a cup holder) for sitting on while perusing the books.

Last one for the day, at 1518 West 14th, also near Westchester Lagoon. Someone left a jigsaw puzzle for the taking, along with books.

In other spring news around town:

Almost no birds on the east side of Westchester Lagoon today -- this pair of geese, a couple of ducks and a few gulls. Maybe there's so much other open water around the city now that the birds feel no need to stick around.

A well-reserved stand of yarrow that survived the winter without getting broken and battered.

Rolling baguettes at Fire Island.

Gulls on the west side of Westchester Lagoon, which still is mostly ice-covered (the est side is nearly ice free).

It was Kids' Day at the Denai'na Center, an opportunity for every kid-related business and organization in town to pitch their programs. Theater, karate, Pre-K, summer camp programs, the military, Franz Bread, banks, and dozens of other groups showed up. The stage at one end of the first floor had shows, and lots of small groups of performers waiting their turns (or having already performed) wandered around in costumes. Kids got face paint, balloons, pencils, chances to make crafts, balls signed by sports personalities, and opportunities to toss basketballs, win prizes, and watch puppets.

Several sports personalities were signing balls -- I don't know who this guy is, but the boy was very happy to have the signed football that he's holding.

A ballerina from Alaska Dance Theater was demonstrating en pointe for the girls who were watching.

Magician Don Russell, an old friend  -- Anthea was a student of his when she auditioned for (and got onto) the Tonight Show some years ago.

A runaway balloon.

Festivities always involve food, and in Anchorage that means reindeer sausages, best if prepared at an outdoor food cart.

Free rides in the horse and carriages -- even longer lines for these than for many of the activities at Kids' Day.

The west side of Westchester Lagoon, with its persistent ice, and the Chugach Range beyond.

A cluster of crocuses.

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