Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring flowers in Anchorage -- April 9, 2015

What we've been waiting for! A rakish daffodil at Hohn Apartments, with just one petal extended to greet spring.

A profusion of hyacinths at the State Farm house on Sixth Avenue across from the Museum.

I have no idea what either of these flowers are, but I'm delighted to see them.

Besides the flowers, we came across a few other sights worth noting:

Chainsaw bears in South Addition, with a picnic table, and a windowless canvas tent.

A large boulder in someone's front yard that spoke of millions of years of formation.

Lichens, moss, and bits of dead grasses on a birch stump.

A few small piles of snow, like this one, stubbornly resisting acknowledging that spring has arrived.

An Easter egg mystery -- what did it contain? and why was it cast aside, forlorn on the Park Strip?

A park swing, begging for someone to appreciate it (and finding the perfect person).

Tiny grape hyacinths, paving the way for the tulips to come.

A small bouquet on a table at Fire Island Bakeshop.

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