Monday, April 13, 2015

Quiet Sunday -- April 12, 2015

The squirrel was foraging for seeds and goodies in the mosses on the neighbor's roof.

Phyllis the Amaryllis (a gift from friends who left town several years ago) has put up a flower stalk. She should be blooming within the next week.

While out walking:

"To walk is to gather treasure," Spanish saying. "Caminar es atesorar." from The Old Ways, by Robert McFarlane, a Christmas gift from my friend Pat Fitzharris Newman.

Magpie on the church steps.

The Sunday ship sailing south. I believe that it is the Totem North Star and is sailing to Tacoma. It arrived about 7:00 a.m,, unloaded its cargo, and maybe is sailing back to Tacoma empty? Yesterday there were lots of containers at the small boat harbor (and this afternoon there were none), so perhaps it was carrying those back.

A straw star in the window of the Oscar Anderson house (built in 1915; oldest house in Anchorage; has been moved to Elderberry Park), with tree branches reflected.

Carpets hung out to air on a condo railing.

Fattening pussy willows along the Coastal Trail. Gray day -- kept looking like rain.

Crocuses blooming at the Copper Whale Inn (corner of 5th and L Street).

A rock, still relishing its raiment of moss and golden grasses.

The totem poles at the Nesbett Courthouse.

The Pioneer Bar has survived one hundred years; quite impressive (although this isn't the original building).

At Covenant House at 5th and H Streets, someone is starting nasturtiums from seeds.

Platinum Jaxx is gone (from the corner of 6th and I streets), and in its place is a new bar and a restaurant that serves Italian, Southern, and Chinese cooking. Can't wait to try it -- it's got to be interesting (maybe not the food -- who knows? But the experience is likely to be not at all boring).

This is as much as we saw of the sun this afternoon.

Jim balances the salt shaker on edge at Bear Tooth.

Purple and yellow crocuses too, at Copper Whale Inn.

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