Friday, April 17, 2015

Juneau, Alaska - April 16, 2015

Primrose path at Rainbow Foods in Juneau.

Concourse B, Anchorage Airport: "Attention -- do not leave your bags unattended . . ."

Coming and going at the Anchorage Airport.

Juneau -- fog wisps tucked into the mountains on Douglas Island, fresh snow on the peaks; rain on the taxi window.

Daffodil at the Dimond Courthouse in Juneau.

Book bearer at Juneau bookstore.

 King Eider ducks in the harbor at Juneau -- a friend said that they migrate through in the spring.

More of the King Eiders, with a few gulls in their midst.

Juneau trees in the mist -- rain, actually.

Rain drops keep falling on the streets. . . .

A woman out on the roof overhang on the main street of Juneau, cleaning.

The harbor, from the seventh floor of the Dimond Building. One of the rainier moments of the day.

Juneau is a good deal older than Anchorage, and the downtown is filled with period, colorful buildings.

Raven with the Juneau Harbor (Channel?) and the City of Douglas on Douglas Island behind him.

A typical sign -- about half of the stores had one sign like this.

One had this.

One thing to know about downtown Juneau is that all of the public trashcans are bear proof.

Coming into Anchorage at twilight.

More primroses blooming at Rainbow Foods.

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