Friday, April 24, 2015

April 23, 2015 -- What we saw

Gulls on a Spenard Road lamppost.

Some days there's not much of a narrative; just what we saw. We walked from Valley of the Moon Park to Fire Island for ciabatta rolls, and then to Title Wave. Along the way we looked for swans at Westchester Lagoon (none), flowers (a few distant dandelions), and green (some buds, some grass).

Bigger than buds! Almost leaves.

Canada geese and mallards at Westchester Lagoon (east side). This is a good shot --usually they had their heads down poking around for food.

The two closer geese set up a big flapping fuss, for no reason discernible to us, then chased the front goose out over the Lagoon. Within a minute though, everyone had settled down and gotten back to the real business at hand, namely, eating.

This set of structures intrigues us -- it's a house with an attached, church-like structure on a sizable chunk of land on the alley between F and G Streets.

Besides a steeple, the stone structure has a plain rose window, with a plain white sheet in front of it. Did they run out of money for stained glass? Maybe they weren't able to agree on a pattern for it?

Not far away in the alley was this old Chevy in excellent condition, ready to roll out in the sun.

A glimpse of Mt. Susitna, taken through the heavy wire fence along the bike trail going up Romig Hill. The east side of Westchester Lagoon is in the foreground. Traffic on Minnesota Drive, then the west expanse of Westchester Lagoon with the ice still covering most of it; then the railroad, the Inlet, and the mountain.

By Chester Creek, a multi-trunked birch tree hugging the stream's edge.

In the park, people walking a dog, sitting on the park benches; kids on the playground.

And that was about it.

Daisies and goldenrod at Fire Island.

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