Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Return of the Canada geese -- April 13, 2015

We've been looking every day for the Canada geese and the swans, having heard that they showed up in Fairbanks a week or more ago. Today there were geese at Cuddy Park out by the library.

The mallards are paired up now, and  sticking together at all times.

Plenty of gulls too -- the Canada geese in this photo are up by the people on the sidewalk, and the gulls and mallards are mixing it up on the bank and in the pond.

Blue sky, sunny -- spring, even with yesterday's snow still clinging to the leaves in shaded spots.

Winter hasn't given up. There's still ice on the pond, and the grass is dry brown in most places.

But not everywhere -- a strip of green grass alongside a building in Midtown.

Some of the pussy willows have already bloomed -- pollen time.

Others are still thinking about it.

Construction -- a building going up in Midtown on 36th west of ACS.

The library features a statue of Seward, who arranged the "purchase" of Alaska. I'm never quite sure why he's here instead of downtown somewhere.

Evening cloud shadows on the Chugach mountains.

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