Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring Saturday , Anchorage -- April 11, 2015

Now the daffodils at Hohn Apartments are really out -- just a few, but enough for spring.

Spring today in so many other ways -- garage sales, car washes, skateboards, croquet games, parties, bonfires.

A lonely snow shovel. I like this time of the year, when the trees cast open shadows.

A tour bus is out, perhaps just driver training. and they've set out picnic tables rather at random on the Park Strip. The ground is still too wet for ball games, but not for picnics.

Bee hives, waiting for occupants.

Kids (and parents) putting on a car wash.

At this house, parents and little kids (well supervised) were sawing up the branches that had been blown down over the winter, and burning them in a grill that had hot dogs roasting on it. Looked like everyone was having a grand time.

Further proof of spring, a fly at the Little Library.

A croquet game, in tight quarters.

Bonfire -- being readied for s'mores.

Buds on our birch trees -- another sign of spring, a few weeks early.

Tomorrow is the day on which the Greek Orthodox Church celebrates Easter. This is Fire Island's version of the traditional bread, a tsoureki crown. We saw these in Athens a few years ago, in every bakery window. The braided crown has a red hard-boiled egg set into the center [the egg symbolizes Christ and the Resurrection; the red symbolizes Christ's blood - the shape of the bread also must be symbolic, but I can't find a web site explaining it].

Besides all of the spring activities, it was a day of weather -- more of the cumulus clouds, more rain and snow. We took a few photos at Ship Creek, and then drove to Palmer and back for a road trip.

Looking west from the Small Boat Harbor at the mouth of Ship Creek, a mix of clouds.

Containers docked at low tide, where the tugboats usually are.

A tug boat and a barge, at low tide at the Port of Anchorage.

Clouds over the city, with mountains clear beyond.

Driving through a rain/snow fall on the Glenn Highway -- limited to about a two-mile stretch. When the forecasters say "isolated" rain and snow showers, this is what they mean.

Low clouds over the highway, and bright blue beyond.

Knik River, and mountains.

The flats by the Parks Highway turnoff.

The gravel loading equipment next to the Alaska Railroad, just west of Palmer.

This is the view from the Fred Meyers parking lot in Palmer. I tend to take our views for granted, but this evening it struck me how very fortunate we are.

This is either the Matanuska River, or the Knik River looking west out to the Knik Arm of Cook Inlet.

Steam from the electric plant against a stormy background.

Driving down O'Malley Road, with Cook Inlet ahead.

A spray of dry grasses, lit by morning sun.

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