Saturday, April 11, 2015

Second Friday, Anchorage -- April 10, 2015

The sunset from Point Woronzof.

A raven who sat on the car sharing his opinions at Costco South.

A cloud closing in on Anchorage, just beginning to obscure the mountains.

Not much snow on the Chugach peaks, in this view from Dimond Mall.

Closer to Midtown, these look like thunder clouds, a rare sight in Anchorage (and indeed, a little later, the thunder rolled).

Here's what the cloud had, at Cuddy Park -- snow, big clumps of flakes stuck together. They melted too fast to be photogenic. 

In the evening we went to a party at the Kincaid Chalet -- more snow out there, sticking to the ground.

From the Chalet, a view of Mt. Susitna.

Evening sun on the trees and snowy grass at Kincaid.

Then we felt obliged to go to Pt. Woronzof and see the sunset and whatever else might be of interest. -- like this couple engaged in photography.

Clouds over the turbines on Fire Island.

A closer view of  the plane in the photo above, coming in.

Last look at the sunset from Woronzof.

Anchorage from Earthquake Park.

The ice cream truck showed up at Earthquake Park (and luckily there was a small boy with good parents who bought him an ice cream).

The sunset sky from Earthquake Park.

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