Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 15, 2015 -- around Anchorage

Yard art: A prince and his castle -- looks like a snug fit.

The tulips at Hohn Apartments.

Spring is coming along slowly. I looked back at photos from last year on April 14 -- there was much more snow then, but the swans were back at Westchester Lagoon. There were more flowers than this year also, despite the snow.

Three tents on the Park Strip today, at 9th and G. Jim ventured over to talk to the group. They were just back from camping, and set their tents up at this busy corner to dry out. An odd place to choose.

Other spring activities -- a guy getting started on building projects.

Leaf blowing and lawn mowing.

Motorcycle riding.

Construction in Bootlegger's Cove, at 6th and N, and also further north, right by the tracks.

Last year's jack-o-lantern.

Bobblehead George.

An I-don't-know-what -- not sure that I'd want it guarding my house.

Elsewhere in Anchorage:

Still water at Potter Marsh, where we went to look for birds.

Little snow on the Chugach above Potter Marsh, and cloudy skies. No swans, a very few ducks and geese, some gulls.

Easter lilies, ten days later, with some blossoms still fragrant, and others faded.

Daffodils at Hohn Apartments.

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