Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 29, 2015

Dandelions say "Spring" just as well as any of the other flowers.

The water is running at the Copper Whale Inn, corner of 5th and L street, and the bicycle rental place is open -- although not doing a lot of business yet.

The dogs are keeping a watchful eye on us, but only the corgi thought it necessary to bark.

Now there are masses of green like this, rather than just an isolated branch or two here and there.

Flamingos basking in the spring air -- it was a little cool and windy, with a few drops of rain, but we repeat daily -- "there's no snow."

This person is ready to garden.

Don't know who she is, but so well-dressed that she must be Victorian rather than Renaissance.


Is the ship a dredge? No matter, the view is spectacular.

The Chugach at sunset, from Point Woronzof.

Sunset at Point Woronzof -- actually, an hour or so before the is really down.

Not sure of the name for these.

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